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About Big ROB

Vegas Big Rob is making a name of himself in the music industry, he is the creator and host of “Music Live” on Facebook, founder of Americas Superstar, and American Hip Hop Star. Recently was part of the team who delivered the NBA Summer league (Las Vegas)national anthem singer, and have time performances. Currently working on the return to the DJ scene remotely.

Going back to how it all started. I started my to love the art the DJ in the late 80’s at the local house parties in East Los Angeles. The crowds jumping, screaming, dancing when their favorite songs would come into the transition. How they looked at the dj as if her was the man of the hour, that embedded in me, and I’ve always wanted to get that crowd going.

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Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most

Mixing is hard work, and you have to have a passion for it.

  • WOW (Extended Mix)

    WOW (Extended Mix)

    “WOW (Extended Mix)” from Hardwell presents Revealed Volume 9 – Extended Mixes by Tiesto. Released: 2018. Track 15. Genre: Big Room.

Be sure to share all your favorite mixes, and follow me on all all social media platforms, but most importantly thank you for stopping by checking out the official big ROB website. If you see me at any festival, be sure to stop by and say hello, you may just find me in the middle of the crowd supporting all my favorite DJ, and friends.

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I will mix many different genres, but I love to mix house music, techno, flashbacks, and now I will add EDM to my list of favorite genres.
EDM Practice session mix