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Welcome to the official Big Rob website, here you will find all there is to know about me. I will make official announcements, do exclusive releases, share my latest mixes/tracks, and announce where I will be next. I started my journey in east Los Angeles back in the 90’s and still have the same passion for mixing as I did when I was a young kid. We are about to take this into a whole new level, I thank you for visiting my pages, and following me on all social media platforms.

What the fans say.

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Recent Releases.

I have released some backyard boogie mixes onto the official sound cloud page. These mixes will take you back to the good old days, as it took me there when I was looking into the initial track list. These amazing tracks is what started what is the festivals, while we used to mix them in an abandoned warehouse, now has evolved into some organized paradises.

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Vegas Big Rob

Vegas Big Rob


Vegas Big Rob

Vegas Big Rob

EDM, House, Techno, Rock en espanol, Acid, Jungle

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